How to play




How to win by Victory points: (1)

You can win upgrading most basic buildings to advanced buildings with a  symbol (victory point). You need only 5 to win, but these buildings can be captured if not defended!

How to win by making metal: (2)

Some upgraded buildings allow you to trade resources for metal (coins). You need 9 coins to win. Again, if not defended these can be captured together with all the metal in them!

How to win by conquest: (3)

Draw from the Militia deck and build the buildings that recruit Soldiers, Riders and the Knight to raid and capture another players buildings!

build tree


Starter deck: for 2-3 players

If you haven’t player Lord of the Realm before, it is recommended you play starter game with 2-3 players and only the first 3 decks. New players can also practice with the solo-challenge game.

The 54 Starter set cards are divided into 3 individual decks of cards