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Lord of the Realm is a fast paced Trading-Building-Raiding Expandable card game that challenges players  building /defence strategies. Every game is different story and play is highly interactive as other players can trade with you, negotiate with you or attack you at any time.

Players are nobles vying for domination of the fantasy realm of Everon with its Forests, Plains and Mountains. 

3 ways to win!

Play buildings into your realm using resources from your hand. You can get rich by making metal, You can get victory points by upgrading your buildings or by sending units to capture another’s buildings. Only the richest or strongest will become Lord of the Realm.


Aim of the game: Get 5 Victory points or 9 Metal (coins) any way you can..


How to win by Victory points: (1)

You can win upgrading most basic buildings to advanced buildings with a V symbol (victory point). You need only 5 to win, but these buildings can be captured if not defended!


 How to win by making metal: (2)

Some upgraded buildings allow you to trade resources for metal (coins). You need 9 coins to win. Again, if not defended these can be captured together with all the metal in them!


How to win by conquest: (3)

Draw from the Militia deck and build the buildings that recruit Soldiers, Riders and the Knight to raid and capture another players buildings!